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Beyond Playtime: The Surprising Benefits of Building Blocks for 7-year-olds


Building blocks have always been a favourite toy in our and our children’s life as it is the fundamental element in children’s playrooms, providing hours of entertainment and creativity. However, their values and importance extend far beyond the actual playtime.

Building blocks contribute to children’s development, nurturing problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and emotional well-being. It also helps in building spatial reasoning, collaboration, and self-confidence. 

In addition, developing critical thinking and logical reasoning skills is crucial for success in today’s complex and ever-changing world. By engaging in hands-on activities and problem-solving tasks, children can develop their ability to think critically, analyze situations, and find creative solutions. 

In this blog, we will explore the importance of these skills and how to nurture them through building blocks. Join us as we dive into the world of building blocks for 7-year-olds and their impact on children’s cognitive development.


The Power of Play: How Building Blocks Spark Creativity and Imagination

Building blocks are an everlasting toy that offers children various benefits. These include supporting their imaginative play, social skills, and physical development. In particular, children can benefit from the open-ended nature of building blocks, which encourages creativity and critical reasoning.

  • Building blocks are an excellent tool for encouraging creativity and imagination in children. 
  • Through building block play, kids can develop necessary cognitive skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness. 
  • By organizing and constructing with blocks, children can explore beyond the limits of their imagination and expand their capacity to think creatively. 
  • This type of play fosters independence, confidence, and persistence within children while being a fun and engaging medium to promote learning and exploration. 
  • Whether constructing forts, towers, or imaginary worlds, building block play ignites the imagination and nurtures a love for learning and exploration that can last a lifetime.


Building Blocks as Storytelling Tools: Encouraging Narrative Skills and Story Creation

Sakara building blocks for 7-year-olds can be great storytelling tools that encourage narrative skills and story creation in children. Constructing their own imaginative worlds with building blocks helps children develop complex narratives and storylines. This activity will help with language development as they actively discuss their designs, plans, and process with others.

  • Although Building blocks have long been recognized as a valuable tool for early childhood development, their potential for storytelling is often overlooked.
  • By using building blocks as a medium for storytelling, children can engage in imaginative play, enhance their language skills, and develop their ability to create and tell stories.


Building Blocks and Cultural Exploration: Introducing Cultures and History through Play

Block play is an innovative approach to teaching children about different cultures and history. By using building blocks as a tool for hands-on learning, children can engage in interactive play that promotes cultural understanding and appreciation. 

  • Building blocks for 7-year-olds can help introduce world cultures and history to children through play.
  • Incorporating different architectural styles, landmarks, and cultural elements into building block play can help children learn about diverse cultures.
  • This approach allows children to develop an appreciation for different cultures and their history in a hands-on and interactive way.
  • Through Sakara building block play, children can explore and recreate historical events, promoting a deeper understanding of the past.
  • Building blocks for 7-year-olds help foster curiosity, imagination, and critical thinking skills while learning about different world cultures and history.


From Fantasy to Reality: Using Building Blocks to Bring Imaginary Worlds to Life

Building blocks have been a beloved toy for generations, inspiring children to use their imaginations and create new worlds. However, in recent years, building blocks have taken on a whole new level of sophistication as technology has introduced virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Now, not only can children build their own physical structures, but they can also bring these creations to life in a digital realm. 

Sakara building blocks help children explore how building blocks have evolved and how they can bridge the gap between fantasy and reality for children and adults alike.

  • Sakara building blocks can help children bring their imaginary worlds to life.
  • This approach fosters problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness.
  • Children can express their creativity through building blocks and develop their ability to think and solve problems creatively.
  • Sakara building blocks allow children to see the world from a different perspective while having fun and learning new skills.


Building Blocks and Role-Playing: Nourishing Pretend Play and Developing Social Skills

Building blocks for 7-year-olds nourish pretend play and develop social skills in children. By working together to build structures, children learn cooperation, communication, and problem-solving. Building blocks also provide a platform for imaginative role-playing, allowing children to explore different characters and scenarios while enhancing their social and emotional development.


Unlocking the Power of Imagination: The Significance of Pretend Play in Child Development

  • It helps children develop social skills, language capabilities, and executive functioning skills.
  • Building blocks and role-playing are effective tools for fostering pretend play.
  • Sakara building blocks 66 pieces allow children to create and manipulate their own imaginary worlds.
  • Role-playing helps children practise social interactions and problem-solving skills.
  • By encouraging and supporting pretend play, parents and educators can help children develop essential skills for success in school and beyond.

Creative Construction: Unleashing 7-year-olds’ Inventiveness through Sakara Building Blocks

It is an innovative approach to early childhood education that harnesses the power of building blocks to foster creativity and problem-solving skills in young children. By providing an open-ended play experience, children are encouraged to use their imagination and explore different possibilities. 

  • Building blocks can unleash the inventiveness of 7-year-olds.
  • Sakara building blocks allow children to express their creativity, curiosity, and originality in a concrete medium.
  • Children can develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills through building block play while enhancing their fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
  • Sakara building blocks allow children to experiment with different forms, structures, and designs, which boosts their confidence and independence.
  • The building blocks foster a love for learning and exploration while providing children with a fun and engaging activity that stimulates their imagination and cognitive abilities.


Building Blocks and Problem-Solving: Encouraging Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning

  • Sakara building blocks for 7-year-olds provide an excellent platform for encouraging problem-solving skills in children.
  • Through Sakara building block play, children can develop critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities.
  • They learn to analyse problems, explore different solutions, and adapt their approach.
  • Building blocks for 7-year-olds promotes creative thinking by encouraging children to think outside the box.
  • It enhances spatial awareness and fine motor skills as children manipulate the blocks to solve challenges.
  • This type of play fosters perseverance and resilience as children encounter obstacles and learn to overcome them.
  • It also builds teamwork and collaboration skills as children work in pairs or groups to tackle complex building projects.
  • Building block play is a valuable tool for nurturing cognitive development and instilling problem-solving skills that extend beyond childhood.


  1. What are building blocks? Why are they important for 7-year-olds?

Building blocks are small, interlocking toys that kids can use to construct different creations. They are vital for 7-year-olds, as building block play fosters problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness while allowing children to express their creativity through an engaging medium.


2. How do building blocks encourage critical thinking and logical reasoning in children?

Through building block play, children learn to analyze problems, explore different solutions, and adapt their approach. In particular, Sakara building block play promotes creative thinking and encourages children to think outside the box. It also enhances spatial awareness and fine motor skills as children manipulate the blocks to solve challenges.


3. What are the benefits of Sakara building block play besides nurturing cognitive development?

Sakara 3D building block play fosters perseverance and resilience as children encounter obstacles and learn to overcome them. It also builds teamwork and collaboration skills as children work together to tackle complex building projects.


4. Are there any safety concerns when it comes to building block play?

Sakara building blocks for 7-year-olds are safe and sturdy to use for all kids aged 4 and above. They are certified by the official BIS, which provides quality assurance. We still recommend that adults supervise children during play and ensure they follow safety guidelines.  


5. How can parents engage children in building block activities at home?

Parents can provide children with Sakara building blocks of different colors and encourage them to construct structures or recreate their favorite characters and stories. They can also engage in creative play with their children, providing guidance and support while allowing their imaginations to run wild.



Sakara building blocks play an essential role in igniting the imaginations of 7-year-olds and fostering their cognitive development and creative thinking. From enhancing problem-solving skills to promoting spatial awareness and fine motor skills, young minds can explore infinite possibilities with these simple toys. By engaging in block play, children experiment and create their own unique structures, fostering a sense of accomplishment and building their confidence. As parents and educators, it is essential to recognize the value of building blocks and provide children with the resources and encouragement needed to unlock their imaginations and embrace the magical world of block play.

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fine motor toys for 3 year olds

Social Skills

While Sakara is great for independent learning and development, one of the most educational things about it is the way it builds social skills as well.
When children build something together they learn to share, consider others’ opinions, take
turns, be patient, and give constructive feedback and criticism (“it might fall down if we do that; why don’t we try it this way”).
This also develops a collaborative nature and teaches children the joy of team work from an early stage.

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Colour and Shape Knowledge

Learning about colours and shapes in early childhood does not necessarily need to be taught with usual colour and shapes activities.
Children understand the building blocks of complex shapes and learn to use colour creatively as they play with Sakara.

toddler fine motor skills toys

Focus and Concentration

Analyzing a pattern, active play, planning what piece comes next, waiting for their turn and listening to others (when building in a group) all takes focus and can hugely help with children who sometimes need a little extra help with concentration.
One of the reasons why Sakara is great for brain development is its ability to improve concentration span. The more a child is immersed in an activity, the better a child’s ability to focus.

fine motor skills toys for 7 year olds

Anxiety and Stress

Playing with Sakara is shown to have a calming and relaxing effect, and this comes handy with children who may have anxiety or stress. The cubes also allow children to channel their nervous energy into creativity and creating new things with sakara cubes bring a feeling of order and tends to build self-confidence over time.

fine motor skills toys for 3 year olds

Perseverance and Management of Frustrations

Playing with Sakara is intriguing as the cubes may come tumbling down because of one wrong move – initially this may be frustrating, however repeatedly playing with Sakara can help children develop perseverance and learn to overcome frustration, knowing that their
masterpieces can be re-built. It also allows an opportunity to try out new ideas without a fear of failure, as children tend to learn that errors are fixable.

building blocks toys india

sensory and motor skills

Playing with Sakara has amazing benefits for the development of fine motor skills and aids in developing dexterity and strength in the fingers and sensory awareness. Playing with the small cubes strengthens little fingers and develops hand-eye coordination.

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Creativity and Experimentation

Sakara cubes spark creative energy and encourage children to bring their imagination to life.
The versatile nature of these cubes create an open space for self-expression and experimentation. While the provided ideas to model can be fun to introduce to kids, the possibilities of true learning happens when children build freely.

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Builds Problem solving, Mathematics and Spatial Awareness

The best way to encourage problem solving skills in children is to immerse them in play that challenges them to constantly solve problems creatively.
As they decipher order, understand quantity, symmetry, patterns and location of the cubes, children also improve geometric and arithmetic knowledge, and develop spatial awareness.

diy toy blocks

(Multi-directional interlocking mechanism)

Unlike other building blocks which can only be attached vertically and horizontally, Sakara Cubes can also be attached diagonally. This unique feature allows children to create different, multiple and complex structures that helps explore their creativity and imagination without any limits.